Call my name, please.

Pigment, Aluminum foil on Board
181.8cm* 259cm

I have constantly interested in the emotions and ideas of people living the present. Before 2016 that I draw indoor landscape, I tried to drawing the puddle compareing as a person's emotions.
The theme of paintings are imaginary landscapes with an absence. There are two noteworthy features. One is the motif. I did not draw real images but the reflected images on water. The lack of the real images means the existence of punctum caecum. The second notable feature is the technique. I created the reflected image by scraping foil with a needle. This technique enables to draw delicate lines. Therefore both the artist and the viewer are able to find out their fragile feelings in the images. The contrast between the absence of motifs and the existence of emotional lines aim at visualizing and imaginary landscape which has "absence": punctum caecum in our minds.