Area (35°40′17″N, 139°45′57″E, c.2071)

Pigment, Aluminum foil, Metallic Tin powder on Japanese paper
72.7* 116.7 cm

Remarks: 35°40′17″N, 139°45′57″E means the place “Ginza-Mitsukosi”, which is the old department store, Ginza, Tokyo.

I draw indoor landscape of public space imaging the area’s future. However, the essence of my concern is not to look like a superficial place, but to clarify the emotions and ideas of people living that area. To imagine the future, it needs its grounds. I want to emerge the present by imaging the future and making it a work paradoxically. In that point of method, it can be said that my working thought process is influenced by Japanese Science Fiction such as Kobo Abe. To imagine and restructure the area, there are two perspectives. First, how the place is open to the outsider. Second, How the relationship between internal people and power structure. By reflecting the above two analysis results in the way of inserting light into the area and how the internal structure exists, I restructure the area.