2022 | Before Dawn Series ( Painting Ver.)

Pigment and Foil on Cotton cloth / 綿布,箔, ピグメント



I gaze at places where there are people who are unable to sleep before dawn, from midnight to dawn. People spend most of the day as part of a group. Even though after the sun sets, they are not necessarily live completely as individuals. Some work for someone else and strive, while others are tormented by the daytime memories burned into their brains. It can be said that their eyelids are opened by social demands. Therefore I aspire to depict their viewpoints and tiny voices through vivid colored paintings and blinking sound and video installation. I hope that the viewer will immerse in artworks and encounter their heart-moving.

2021 | DRAWING - Fragments Series

Ball-point-pen, Paper, 91x91cm, 2020 - 2021



A number of drawings have been depicted in order to create only one painting. For the purpose of research or for drawing itself. This is the first time she shows her drawings to the public. Some of the drawings in this exhibition were done as research for a particular painting, others were done to give a shape to the ideas in her mind. Whenever she draws lines, she fights with courage against huge anxiety and fear because nobody knows what kind of painting it will be. It seems to her that this is similar to the way people live, or the one places make and walk their history. The exhibition is held at Shibukawa City Museum; this is going to move new place after next year, so it is the last chance to open an exhibition in this place. Shibukawa city is also her hometown. Hope these drawings will be a small gesture of support for everyone involved in this place.

2020-2021 | Night series

Pigment on Paper / 紙,ピグメント

They depict well-known nightclubs in Berlin - Berghain, Tresor, Kater Blau, Watergate, Sisyphos, Golden Gate.
One day, after humanity disappears from the earth. The thermal power plants that propelled modern civilization are gone. The ceiling has fallen and the dust rises high in the air. But suddenly, the ashes of emotions that had settled and accumulated on the floor, akin to the moaning of a former human, swoop up and ignite the burned-out remains of fire that had been beaten down, and the bass begins to pound again on the scarred concrete. The neon lights up. A voiceless voice is heard. The emotionally-charged night comes again.

Photo by Kanako Ishii

Photo by Rie Nagai

2017 - 2019 | Area series

Pigment and Foil on Paper / 紙, 箔, ピグメント

They depict public space in Japan - National Diet, Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Department store and so on.